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Direct Calls and WhatsApp chat, easy booking of appointments, upload and download of request forms.
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Use our Afya Consult feature specially created to meet your healthcare needs and concerns at your comfort.
DISCLAIMER: An online consult is not intended to replace a full medical face-to-face evaluation by a physician.

Medical Attention

Medical Attention

Are you sick or feeling unwell, or know someone who needs medical attention. Here we are to help you. Lets know how you feel and we shall direct you what to do.

Let's discuss about laboratory tests you need, the right treatment for you, Routine medical checkups and first-aid incases of emergency.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

Do you know that change in lifestyle is also an alternative medicine for many diseases. We shall let you know how, why and what to do with simple adjustable recommendation that will help you battle number of diseases. This targets individuals, corporates, forums, chamas etc.



Do you have prescribed medicines with you that you need more information about their function, special dietary req. or side effects?

If you also need monitoring for chronic diseases like diabetes and blood pressure, including basic home care, we are here for you.


We always value your welfare and your feedback too. Over 10,000 patients have sought out Consult-Afya Telehealth their preferred telemedicine Listen to our clients. Here is what our clients say about us.

"I heard about this service from a friend. one day my parent fell sick in a situation where I could not take her to hospital immediately. I could fast seek Consult-Afya services by making a phone call and got the right take to do. My mother who lives with diabetes, got okay thereafter and is now happy. Thank you."

Ms Juma
Ms Juma Treatment & Lifestyle Consultation

"I would recommend this platform for any medical assistance. With a chat, I was recommended some medical tests to my issue and since then, I got helped. My longtime problems got solved."

Allan Lab Tests Consultation

" Last month I visited my sub county hospital, got diagnosed and sent topharmacy. Unfortunately they didnt have the meds and I could not event read/ understand what was written. I consulted with Consult-Afya Telehealth and got helped. They even assisted me to get those meds. Heartfelt appreciations."

Julia Precriptions Consultation

Do You Have Any Health Concern?

Use our Afya Consult Telehealth feature specially created to meet your healthcare needs and concerns at your comfort We can answer your questions as much as possible on:
Laboratory tests/reports
Wellness Packages
Second Option Services

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