When you are sick, not feeling well, need an answer to your health question. or have anyone in such situation, consultation is how we understand the health issues you are facing. With set of technologies tailored to meet your health needs without necessarily going for long queues and overpaying. Save time, expensive fees by consulting us for only Ksh. 99 bob

Feeling fatigued, no energy, experiencing fever, physical or muscle lack of strength. Loss of appetite, weight loss, and general pain or swelling
Experiencing worrying changes in your reproductive health: discharges, itchiness, burns unusual colored urine, This includes any pain, swelling too to your genitals. This also covers on issues on pregnancy
Abnormal pains, discomforts, burns including diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite. We also consider breathing problems inc. chest and nasal congestion and cough
Having diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis asthma, sickle cell, peptic ulcer disease complications and you need more guidance on its management including monitoring
Do you need a  specific lab test, or still with your signs and symptoms and assessment, we can recommend you the right tests. Our mobile diagnostic services for various diseases

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